It Might Be a lot Harder to Find a Seasonal Job This Year

Although Walmart and Target are still hiring, the job market is less promising than in years past.

This year's Christmas shopping season is likely to be very different from previous ones, whether you're a store, a gift-giver, or just trying to make a little more cash for the holidays.

Many holiday gift-givers are coming up with innovative strategies to reduce present expenditures in 2022 as a result of rising grocery prices and interest rates.

A weaker prediction for the lucrative holiday season has major merchants responding in a few different ways. For instance, finding good offers has grown to be considerably more difficult.

Early Black Friday sales, which are occasionally intended to assist major merchants in getting rid of surplus inventory, have made it extremely difficult for customers shopping for the greatest deals.

For some businesses, the thought of consumers choosing to travel less and buy less expensive goods for fewer people during the forthcoming holiday season may be terrifying.

Every major retailer is getting ready in their own unique way. Companies have already started adjusting their holiday hiring policies in anticipation of the changes we'll observe as the shopping season ramps up.

Walmart reduced their seasonal recruiting from 150,000 to 40,000 new employees this year from 2021. Walmart hired more full-time employees during the hiring drive last year, but this year's hiring drive will be mostly centered on seasonal labor.

Walmart lost approximately 200 workers from its corporate headquarters in August, not just during the holiday recruiting season.

This year, Target plans to hire around 100,000 seasonal workers. Yes, Targé experienced inventory problems this year, just like other major retailers.


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