Burger Kings Puts a Spicy Favorite Back on the Menu

With the addition of this new dish, the fast-food competition heats up. As restaurant businesses position themselves to attract more customers, fast-food wars persist.

The chicken has long been attributed to McDonald's, but it is simply untrue. A Cornell University professor was the first to think of the chicken nugget decades before it appeared on any menu.

The necessity for chicken nuggets following World War II led to their creation. Red meat was hard to come by during the war, thus chicken was used as a staple to feed the people.

But there was an excessive amount of chicken after the war! At the period, the majority of chickens were cooked to serve as a whole chicken, which occasionally provided too much food for one or two people but not enough for a growing family.

The question of what to do with the surplus of hens needed to be resolved. Professor of Food Science Robert C. Baker developed bite-sized chicken that could be fried or frozen for later consumption; his invention was not patented.

The McNugget was intended to be sold by McDonald's alongside its fries. It is understandable why so many people associate McDonald's with the original chicken nugget since it is a global leader in fast food.

There are several ways to enjoy chicken nuggets from Burger King. Six different dipping sauces are available to customers: barbecue, buffalo, honey mustard, ranch, zesty, and sweet chili.

Burger King's traditional white meat is used to make the nugget, which is then fried with its homemade breading to give it a crunchy flavor. Finally, the nuggets are covered in blazin' sauce, a fiery triple pepper glaze.

Burger King previously offered Ghost Pepper Nuggets in 2021, so this isn't the first time it's offered spicy nuggets. The recognizable white chicken meat from BK was also used to make these nuggets.

McDonald's just reintroduced its 2020-introduced Spicy Chicken Nuggets to the menu. Only a small number of its locations—roughly 6,900—offered the spicy chicken nuggets for a brief period of time.

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