9 longest living cat breeds

The Ragdoll cat is a placid, quiet, and laid-back cat that got its name from how relaxed it is when it lies back in your arms.

1. Ragdoll

Similar to the Siamese, the Balinese is a long-haired breed. They are graceful and thin, but they are also talkative and lively.

2. Balinese

The fluffy Persian enjoys being caressed on your lap and is calm and sweet-tempered. As such, as long as you and your kids are kind and don't make a lot of noise, they will appreciate living a quiet, dignified existence.

3. Persian

The Sphynx is an active, mischievous, and playful cat that is easily recognized due to its lack of fur. This breed is quite talkative and social.

4. Sphynx

You should provide them lots of interactive toys to keep them occupied since this black cat, which resembles a panther, is intelligent, active, and loves to play.

5. Bombay

This timid and calm cat will win your heart with its velvety gray coat and piercing gaze. This breed may take a little to warm up to new people, but they are loving and devoted to their owners.

6. Russian blue

Another breed that has been bred with a siamese is the Oriental Shorthair. They are exceptionally bright, inquisitive, and nimble cats, like their cousins.

7. Oriental shorthair

The Siamese cat, which has its origins in Thailand, is well known for both its lively nature and its sleek physique with distinguishing markings.

8. Siamese

This breed requires someone with the time to provide it with both physical and mental stimulation because it is very energetic.

9. Savannah Cat


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