8 Lies Fast-Food Workers Admit to Telling Customers


The ice cream machine is broken

Yes, fast-food ice cream machines are infamous for malfunctioning, requiring thorough cleaning and difficult repairs, and they do actually "go down" very frequently.

We don't have that particular item right now

This all-too-common falsehood is getting fast food employees caught more frequently these days due to internet and app-based ordering.

I'm new here, sorry!

The "I'm new here" assertion is an all-too-common strategy in many occupations, and it is frequently employed in the fast-food sector.

Of course that's fresh!

Contrary to popular belief, fast food products are frequently kept around after they should be thrown away in order to be heated up and served.

Yes, we'll cook that veggie patty separately

Take heed, vegans and vegetarians: despite the fact that a fast-food restaurant may have one or two menu items that are completely meat-free, those meals are usually not truly meat-free.

We're not serving breakfast right now

Many fast-food chains serve all-day breakfast. Some hotels offer all-day breakfast. Others only provide breakfast within limited hours, which vary by weekday, weekend, and location within the same chain.

Sorry, we're short-staffed right now!

According to Reddit, a worker who claims that delayed service at the counter of a fast-food restaurant is due to a staffing shortage is certainly lying.

My mistake!

Workers at fast food restaurants are aware that patrons frequently lie to them to obtain free food, typically by stating their order was incorrect and requesting a refund or replacement.


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