7 Popular Spots to Pick Up a Thanksgiving Meal To Go

Boston Market

Boston Market is an excellent spot to go on Thanksgiving because it's kind of like Thanksgiving every day there, so it should come as no surprise.


Popeyes has so many menu choices that are ideal for Thanksgiving that you can definitely put together the ideal feast, even if the protein is chicken.

Cracker Barrel

Other than ordering and picking up, Cracker Barrel has you covered if you don't want to do anything for Thanksgiving.

El Pollo Loco

Again, if you don't mind having chicken as the main course rather than turkey for the holidays, El Pollo Loco can put together a delicious feast with a Mexican flair.


A 16-Piece Meal from KFC is essentially equivalent to ordering a Thanksgiving-sized feast.


Qdoba has you covered if you prefer the concept of a substantial dinner full of flavor that may not be specifically "Thanksgiving-y," but is sure to please.


Yes, Thanksgiving was provided by a fast-food and gas station company, and it was quite excellent. The Gobbler Hoagie from Wawa has turkey, stuffing, gravy, and cranberries.


This fast food restaurant company makes it simple to put together a full holiday feast. The main protein is simple, though not turkey, and there are many dishes available that include larger chicken filets.

The average American home will spend about $55 on the Thanksgiving dinner, which will serve eight to ten people.

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