6 Most Overpriced Fast-Food Chains, According to Customers


McDonald's has always been the stalwart in the fast-food industry that fans will keep going to no matter what. The company knows this and they're betting on it.


Chipotle is another chain that is hearing customer wrath but isn't quite feeling the fire. An average burrito bowl has increased from $7.65 in 2020 to over $10 today. 

Pizza Hut

If there is one food that customers can universally agree should be cheap, it's pizza. But customers say Pizza Hut's higher prices simply aren't worth it. One Redditor said, "Pizza Hut.

Five Guys

While the initial concept of Five Guys took off when fast-casual establishments started heavily competing against traditional fast-food chains, customers soon became weary of the burger restaurant's prices.

Sonic Drive-In

While the chain does feature many promotions on its app and often runs happy hour specials, it's still having a hard time keeping up with McDonald's $1 $2 $3 Dollar Menu or Wendy's $5 Dollar Biggie Bag.

Shake Shack

Billing itself as "fine-casual" rather than "fast-casual," most patrons realize they are going to spend a little more at Shake Shack than at a typical grab-and-go establishment.

Fast food isn't as dirt cheap as it used to be. In fact, prices at quick-service restaurants have been looking more like those we're used to seeing on casual dining menus.

And whether due to inflation, ingredient shortages, or growing labor costs, the higher costs are being passed onto the consumer. So while you're paying more, many fast-food chains are reporting growing profits.

Customers frustrated with the value they're getting at popular fast-food chains have recently aired their grievances on Reddit. And according to them, these chains are currently the biggest perpetrators of overpriced fast food.

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