6 Best Fast-Food French Fries, According to Chefs


Americans adore French fries and consume a staggering amount of them—some estimate that Americans consume more than 40 pounds of potatoes each year.

Even top chefs in the country, who you may think eat only the finest meals every night, are fast food junkies.

Do you not believe it? They've already shared their favorite burgers, and now they're sharing their favorite fast food fries, and you won't be surprised by the absolute traditional top pick.

"After living in L.A., In-N-Out reigns supreme as the overall fast food favorite," Taylor remarked, "but McDonald's wins my vote for fries."

McDonald's French Fries

"My favorite fast food fries are Five Guys' Cajun seasoned fries." The fryers are used for nothing else with their limited menu, and they soak and clean the fries thoroughly for a truly superb product."

Five Guys Cajun Fries

"Twenty-plus years ago, I would have replied McDonald's, but not anymore," Fuehr explained, preferring In-N-Out fries.

In-N-Out Fries

Here's an unexpected recommendation from private chef Kora Bruno: "Arbys is a very unpopular opinion, but their fries are well-seasoned and tasty."

Arby's Curly Fries

For some chefs, it's all about the spice blend, such as Bar Rescue regular Brian Duffy, who told Insider that Checkers' French fries "have just the proper amount of spice and salt, which is nirvana."

Checkers French Fries

Julia Child had her own thoughts on French fries, which she shared in 2002. "But the Burger King's French fries are pretty nice, I think," he says of McDonald's and In-N-Out.

Burger King French Fries

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