5 Grocery Store Trends You'll Start Seeing Everywhere in 2023

Everybody has their own predictions for the trends that will dominate the aisles in the upcoming year, including supermarket chains, trade organisations, and consumer think tanks.

Gochujang, the fermented chile paste with a long history in Korean kitchens but a then-rare find at U.S. supermarkets, was being pointed to by forecasts not too long ago.

We consulted specialists and read over the published reports for the upcoming year. The five most compelling grocery trends for 2023, according to forecasters, are listed below.

Although it's unlikely that the ancient Mesopotamians ever turned dates into candy bars, they have been around for a very long time.

Dates Galore

At least 120 businesses compete to provide edible answers to problems including overfishing, microplastic contamination, and seafood allergies in this small but rapidly expanding industry.

Science Lab Seafood

The popularity of hot sauces over the past few years has spread to a variety of other goods, including honey and ketchup, as people's demand for tingling, capsaicin-heavy flavors doesn't appear to be abating.

Hot & Spicy Everything

Hispanic and Asian foods typically take up the majority of the so-called ethnic foods aisle in American supermarkets.

More Worldly Flavors

According to the National Coffee Association, 491 million cups of coffee are consumed daily in the United States. We adore the smell. We adore the boost it gives our minds.

Low-Caffeine Beverages


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