10 Arby's Secrets You Need to Know

I can vouch for this because I worked at an Arby's in Nashua, New Hampshire, during my first employment. To keep it fresh, the hot, flavorful roast beef is transported to the franchise unsliced in an airtight bag.

Arby's roast beef comes packaged in a bag.

The sous vide and fryer are used in conjunction to cook the burger. If you missed the initial opportunity to try it, you'll have another chance to do so on November 21.

Arby's does not have grills.

The Raffel Brothers, Leroy and Forrest, who founded the fast-food franchise in Georgia in 1964, are actually referenced in the name.

There isn't anyone named Arby.

Their original menu of freshly sliced roast beef was seen to be entirely novel because they accomplished it at a period when fast food was still novel and everyone was eating burgers.

Arby's was supposed to be upscale.

People love Arby's humorous, Internet-speak tweets. You may believe it's one witty person snarking on the competitors, but it's a team and a social media marketing agency.

Arby's sassy Twitter account isn't some intern in a basement.

The majority of the country's leading fast-food restaurants continue to offer beef that was raised with frequent antibiotic usage, earning them low marks on the fifth annual Chain Reaction scorecard.

Arby's isn't antibiotic-free yet.

The sauces are the only item at Arby's that are less important than the meats. But first, read the ingredients list before you slather sweet BBQ sauce all over your sandwich.

Many sauces contain secret sugars.

The legendary sandwich has two chicken tenders, roast turkey, pit-smoked ham, corned beef, 13-hour smoked brisket, Angus steak, roast beef, and pepper bacon.

You can add fish to the Meat Mountain.

The Classic Roast Beef on an Onion Roll has our full support. Speaking of onions, any sandwich may be enhanced with the chain's crispy onion tangler topping for an additional crunch.

You can get free extras.

Two distinct varieties of vodka have been created using the renowned curly and crinkle fries from Arby's. This is not a completely absurd notion considering that potatoes may be used to make vodka.

Arby's has dipped its toes into the alcohol industry.

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