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How to Choose the Best CPA Firm for your Startup or Business

    How to Choose the Best CPA Firm for your Startup or Business

    The ways in which a certified public accountant (CPA) should serve companies and organizations are evolving. What characteristics should an entrepreneur look for in a certified public accounting firm, whether they are starting a new business or already have one established?

    The ways in which a certified public accountant (CPA) should serve companies and organizations are evolving. Before selecting a CPA company, businesses and entrepreneurs need to give careful consideration to a number of considerations, including recent modifications to tax legislation, the continuation of outsourcing by many businesses, and other shifts. What characteristics should an entrepreneur look for in an accounting firm when making a hiring decision?

    Ability to steer big picture planning and follow through with detailed implementation

    Will the company be able to imagine what the company might be like in five years’ hence and how it might have changed? What decisions have been made regarding potential investors, mergers, and acquisitions? To what extent will the company pay attention to the smallest of details, and how quickly and effectively will the company put the most effective financial strategy for the company into action?

    Relevant knowledge and experience

    Is the company familiar with and knowledgeable about the business, as well as the required level of support? What kinds of experiences and credentials does the company have in the areas that are most crucial to the operation of the business? It is essential to continuous progress to possess the knowledge and wisdom necessary to successfully manage the day-to-day obstacles that can be anticipated as well as those that cannot. A company that assists in business development via the application of relevant experience is best positioned to assist clients through future market shifts and problems.

    Availability and accessibility

    What kind of availability can you expect from the members of the firm, especially during the height of the tax season? How quickly would the company respond if there was an unexpected emergency or an urgent need? When making a deal with a new company, the first thing that needs to be discussed is the availability of the product or service. When can you expect to get an answer to your question? Who will serve as your primary point of contact moving forward? Some partners are responsible for new business development and sales for many firms, but they delegate the actual job to other partners.

    Communication: ability to proactively communicate impactfully both with and beyond numbers

    A correct accounting cannot be performed in the absence of clear communication. A successful communication strategy involves more than merely discussing the figures; rather, it focuses on determining which procedures and organizational structures between the company and the consulting firm would best meet the requirements of the business. Stability and growth are both made possible through clear communication of the numbers and the mechanisms that underlie those figures. One of the best ways for a company to improve its performance is to look at the numbers to spot both problems and opportunities.

    Passion for creatively solving problems and exploring opportunities

    Will the partners and members of the company view troubles as inconveniences and impediments, or will they exploit problems to demonstrate their genuine talents and value? The worth of an organization begins with taking (or perhaps a better word would be identifying) challenges and locating opportunities; this is in addition to providing assistance with tax returns and bookkeeping questions. Will the CPA offer suggestions for alternatives and improvements, in addition to serving as a sounding board for ideas and inquiries, or will they simply crunch the numbers?

    References from existing clients

    When considering a new company, the references that the company may supply are perhaps the single most important factor to consider. Even though the company is only getting started, the partners should still be able to provide references and previous job experience that is relevant to the field and experience. Even if this is the first time the company has worked with a given industry, it is important to assess whether or not the company has experience working with related industries and whether or not it can adapt that experience to the requirements of the business.

    Providing a fee structure that fits your needs and reflects real value, not just time and expense billing

    One of the most beneficial shifts that innovative accounting firms have made is to structure fees depending on the value that the firm provides to the company or the entrepreneur. The days of retainers and even unexpected fees are behind many people. Imagine that a company can give a charge structure that is optimal for the model and the value that is being provided to the entrepreneur or business, and that this company can also function as a growth partner rather than simply being another vendor. In that scenario, the company is in a stronger position to expand along with the industry’s overall growth and to enjoy improved recommendations from other businesses.

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